Vegan Street Fair

This past Sunday, thousands flocked to North Hollywood to attend the first annual Vegan Street Fair.  By looking at the number of attendees, you could say this event was a huge success.  Of course people are going to want to come out to something like this – free entrance, all-vegan food, cheap small bites.  I am the type of person this event was created for.  I love trying as many items as possible, so paying tons of money at other events for a giant portion and getting so full that I can’t try all the things I want is not so cool.  Still, there were a few kinks that will need to be worked out before the next event (more on that later).

Let’s get to the food.

I love hummus and I love falafel. So, my first stop was at Hummus Republic. I kind of wish I had tried their hummus, but instead, I went with their tacos.  I got the three taco variety and chose one Chicken taco and two Falafel tacos.  All three were topped with their tahini sauce (other sauces included a pesto sauce and some kind of spicy sauce).  The chicken taco was just ok.  It was good, but I’d choose the falafel taco over the chicken taco in a heartbeat.  The falafel taco was delicious (it also helped that I hadn’t eaten yet and this was my first stop).  But really, even if I had hit these guys up at my last stop, I think it still would have been good.

Hummus Republic Tacos

Hummus Republic Tacos


Next stop was Joni Marie Newman’s Just the Food tent.  This awesome food blogger and cookbook author (I love her cookbook “500 Vegan Recipes” btw) was serving spicy Korean BBQ jackfruit tacos and flakey fish-y tacos.  I don’t like really spicy, so I played it safe with a Flakey Fish-y Taco.  I liked this taco as well.  I thought there was a little bit too much cabbage and not enough “fish”, but the sauce was really good and overall the flavor was great.  I was glad to try her food, since she normally doesn’t set up shop to prepare food for the masses.

Just the Food Fish Taco

Just the Food Fish-y Taco

While the lines were short, I decided to grab a bunch of desserts, before they sold out of items.  Bramble Bakeshop had a whole variety of macarons, a couple of cheesecakes, and some peanut butter cups.  I’ve never had non-vegan macarons and I’ve only had the Feel Good Desserts vegan flavors (I wasn’t a huge fan), so I skipped their macarons and got a Churro Cheesecake.  This was so good.  Probably my favorite dessert from the day.  Perfectly sweet and creamy with a subtle cinnamon flavor.

Bramble Bakeshop

Bramble Bakeshop

Luscious Organic Desserts has never let me down and they didn’t at Vegan Street Fair.  They had a bunch of stuffed cookies which were hard to choose from.  I got a Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie, a Double Chocolate New-tella Stuffed Cookie, and a Cookie Butter Stuffed Blondie Cookie.  All were really amazing – not too soft and not too chewy.  I wish I had gotten some of their other flavors.

Charlies Brownie and Lucious Organic Cookies

Charlies Brownie and Lucious Organic Cookies

Ridiculous Baking Company came with three temptations.  Being the glutton that I am, I wanted all three.  But the cheap side of me said, “no.”  So I compromised and went with two.  The Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcake was delicious.  It was super moist and peanut buttery.  The Donut was just ok.  It kind of had chewy texture – something I don’t want in a donut.  The flavor was nice, though, so they just need to work on getting that donut to feel – well – more like a donut.  Speaking of donuts – I really wanted to try Donut Friend’s donuts, but I decided to avoid the line and go to their store for a fresh donut some other time.  They looked so good, though!

Ridiculous Baking Company

Ridiculous Baking Company

My last dessert venture was for a S’mores Brownie at Charlie’s Brownies.  These brownies are gluten free, but they do a very good job at making them taste like they aren’t gluten free.  The brownie was really fudgey, but there was the tiniest bit of graininess after you started chewing.  That was the only way I could tell they were gluten free, but it wasn’t even a big issue.  I would definitely get it again.

Charlie's S'mores Brownie

Charlie’s S’mores Brownie

Back to the savory food.  I saw they were serving fried chicken at Clean South, so I found the back of the line and waited.  I have never heard of this company and was hoping their line didn’t go as slowly as Southern Fried Vegan (do not wait in their hours long line – it is not worth it), but Clean South’s line went pretty quickly.  When I got to the front, I learned that most of the food was already made.  I got two servings of Fried Chicken (one for me and one for my vegan guy who was on his way) and a piece of Cornbread.  Both of these items were in big serving trays ready to be handed out.  They hand make the chicken, which I believe was seitan.  Unfortunately I was not a fan.  I’m not a huge fan of seitan to begin with, but I think that, since the chicken had been sitting for a bit, that it had gotten kind of soggy.  Maybe if it was fresh from the fryer it would have been crispier and better, but props to them for having a fast moving line.  The cornbread was a big letdown, though.  It was pretty bland and didn’t really have that cornbread kind of flavor at all.

Clean South Fried Chicken and Cornbread

Clean South Fried Chicken and Cornbread

By this time, my vegan guy and I ran out of tickets and stood in line to get more. While we were waiting, some awesome people were leaving and handing out their unused tickets!  Score for us!  Armed with our free (and purchased) tickets, we headed on over to The Rabbit Hole.  I’ve had their food once before and thought it was delicious, so I was expecting good things.  I got the Shepherd’s Pie which included veggies, beans, and grains topped with some mashed sweet potatoes.  It was really good.  It was fresh from the stove, which warmed my body on that cold day.  By that time I was getting full, so I saved half for later (still delicious the next day!).

Rabbit Hole Shepherds Pie

Rabbit Hole Shepherds Pie

Next. we made a quick stop at Rachel’s Cosmic Cuisine for a mini Pizza Bagel.  This is exactly what you’d expect from a pizza bagel.  I liked it.  Simple, good sauce, melty cheese.  My vegan guy did not like it.  “I like my pizza bagels better,” he says.  To each his own.

Rachels Cosmic Cuisine Pizza Bagel

Rachels Cosmic Cuisine Pizza Bagel

I think the favorite for both of us that day (well, I know it was my favorite), was the Fried Ravioli from the Whole Foods tent.  Bonus – I don’t think people realized they were dishing out food, because there was no one in line.  The pasta part was fried and then topped with a Kite Hill Cheese filling and marinara.  So good.  I need to try and replicate this.

Whole Foods Fried Ravioli

Whole Foods Fried Ravioli

Our last stop before we had to leave was at Broke Hungry Vegan.  This line took the longest, but it was also the line we stood in when it started hailing (yes it hails in California!!).  Those poor people in the tent were wading in water once we got up there. Some of the delay might have been due to the crazy weather that had happened while we were waiting.  We ordered quite a few things, so we could use up a lot of our tickets.  The Soy Curl Taquito was the best of the bunch.  The only downside was that it was super greasy  – like almost soggy because of the grease.  This could have been because they were frying in not ideal circumstances – when the oil gets too cool, it can lead to greasy and not crispy fried foods – so I don’t blame them for that.  The Bahn Mi, though, was slightly bland.  I love the flavor of plain tofu so the sandwich wasn’t all that bad for me.  My vegan guy thought it was a no go – too bland for him.  The Loaded Nachos looked like it used the same filling as the taquito, but didn’t taste as good.  For some reason it was a bit blander than the taquito.  All in all, I’d order the taquito again, but probably nothing else.

Broke Hungry Vegan Soy Curl Taquito

Broke Hungry Vegan Soy Curl Taquito

Broke Hungry Vegan Loaded Nachos

Broke Hungry Vegan Loaded Nachos

Broke Hungry Vegan Bahn Mi

Broke Hungry Vegan Bahn Mi

Phew!  That was a lot of food!  I truly appreciate the effort that went into this event.  I can’t even imagine all the things that had to happen to make this it possible.

That being said, I do hope they change things for the future.  This event definitely needed more space.  The first Vegan Beer Fest needed more space.  The first Vegan Oktoberfest needed a TON more space.  And now, the first Vegan Street Fair needed more space.  I wish they thought about this a little more when planning the event.  It was wall-to-wall people.  Getting from place to place was extremely difficult and seeing which line went to which tent was challenging.  If there had been more space, people could see which lines were super long and make their way to the shorter lines – thereby evening out the lines.  One person on the Vegan Street Fair facebook page suggested having all food vendors on one side, so the lines all go one way.  Another person recommended working with the vendors to get an estimated prep time for each order and spacing out those that would take longer.  A few people suggested that vendors quicken their service, but I’m not really sure how doable that is without sacrificing the taste of the food (that is why we all go to these events, right?!).

It was great that there was no charge to get in, but the lack of pre-sold tickets means that vendors and organizers had no way of knowing an estimated head count.  Plus, each sheet of tickets (12 tickets sold for $8) had a service charge of $2.  I bought 8 sheets, so basically my vegan guy and I paid $16 to get in.  Not a bad deal, but I almost think they might want to reconsider charging to get in.  I think it would be great to maybe charge a small amount for an entrance ticket upfront that may even include a few food tickets.  Then once inside you are free to buy more food tickets.  This would help organizers and vendors know about how many people are coming.  But, I can see how this would create more costs for the organizers (and therefore more costs for the attendees) – more security to prevent people sneaking in, more barricades, more logistical problems creating an entrance ticket.  But something needs to change for next year and I think the organizers realize that.

I am exited to see where this event goes.  On the Vegan Street Fair website it says that there will be events like this in other cities.  I hope that, with each new event, they will get better and better.

More Amazingness from Golden Mean

When I think of a great, flavorful, diverse cafe in Los Angeles, Golden Mean comes to mind.  I seriously love this place.  They offer so much to their patrons.  The menu is huge and you can get anything from juices and healthier entrees to foods that soothe the soul.

Their Works Burger ($13.50) is their veggie burger topped with lettuce, tomato, pickle, avocado, cheese, tempeh bacon, and a special sauce.  I loved this.  Not only is it packed with flavor, but I also like that the patty is homemade with beans, grains, and veggies.  No slab of soy protein here.

Golden Mean Works Burger

Works Burger

My vegan guy went with an item that is no longer on the menu but is similar to their Wet Burrito – the Chicken Enchiladas ($12.95).  He opted to get it without salsa thinking it would be the pico de gallo kind, but it turns out that that was the sauce.  Oops.  It still came with a delicious white sauce, though.  Golden Mean doesn’t do bland.  The one bite I had was yummy.

Golden Mean Enchiladas


The one downside of Golden Mean is their bakery case!  It is so tempting and I can never leave without getting dessert.  The Cheesecake was to hard to resist.  I can’t recall what flavor it was (I think it was plain with a crumble on top), but was delightful.  Not the best cheesecake I’ve had, but still a refreshing end to a meal.

Golden Mean Cheesecake


1028 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Sunday – Monday 10am – 9pm
Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday 9am – 9:30pm

Vegan Caviar? Huh?

Vegans try and replicate everything we used to eat as omnivores.  Enter: Vegan Caviar (aka Cavi-Art).  I’ve never even had real caviar (fish eggs were never at the top of my list of things to eat).  I have no idea how this compares to the real stuff, but I just know that the vegan version of it was not to my liking.  And maybe it tastes like what it’s supposed to be (maybe I wouldn’t have liked fish caviar if I had tried it) – who knows?  It’s made of seaweed, so it has that “fresh from the ocean” flavor.  In fact, when I took a bite of the stuff on crackers it tasted like I had swallowed ocean water.  Not that pleasant.



I even tried to bring crackers and pawn it off on friends at a dinner, but couldn’t get rid of the stuff.  Some people tried it, but it was only a small amount.  Once you have a small taste of it, you are good to go.  Now what am I going to do with the rest of these two jars?  Oddly enough, the Cavi-Art website has a bunch of recipes that use their product.  Too bad all of them are full of animal products!  One friend recommended I use bits of it in sushi.  Maybe I’ll give that a go.


Cavi-art on Crackers

 What do you think?  Have you had this product?  What recipes have you used with it?

More Baked Goodies from Muffin Top Bakery

I wanted to add to my earlier post about the seriously good vegan desserts at Muffin Top Bakery.  As you saw, I went a little overboard – it’s hard to resist such beautifully presented treats.  Well, I went back and they had a whole new round of goodies that I HAD to try.

They had a bunch of cake slices laid out for me.  The Key Lime and the Cookies n Cream varieties are fluffy and topped with sweet frostings (and I think are better than the cupcakes).  They also have Neapolitans (layers of flakey pastry and creams/mousses).  One was a delicious Chocolate Neapolitan with a cream filling and chocolate topping.  The other was a Raspberry Neapolitan with more cream filling and a raspberry topping.   What can be bad about cream and pastry?  Nothing.

Muffin Top Bakery Goods

Key Lime, Cookies n Cream, Neapolitan

I also got another Raspberry Neapolitan (this time with a different presentation) and a French Pastry.  The French Pastry was like a sandwich of flaky pastry filled with cream and strawberries.  And then the best part is that it is covered in chocolate.  I’d get a serious muffin top if I ate this everyday – which is probably why they named the place Muffin Top Bakery.  Nothing but “cream” and pastry – deliciousness and more deliciousness.

Muffin Top Bakery Neapolitan and French Pastry

Neapolitan and French Pastry

And on a healthier note – I found some Fruit Bars hanging out on the check out counter.  These are similar to Fig Newtons, but way better.  These tasted so fresh and had a lot of fruit filling.  I bet they’d make a great afternoon snack for kids or at the office…. or just for lunch – right out of the bag – on a Tuesday.

Muffin Top Bakery Fruit Bars

Fruit Bars


223 E. State St. Suite A
Redlands, CA 92373

Monday – Wednesday 8am – 7pm
Thursday 8am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday 8am – 7pm
Sunday 9am – 4pm
1735 Spruce St
Riverside, CA 92507

Monday – Friday 6am – 6pm
Saturday 8am – 4pm


You Can Eat More, Because It’s Healthy Junk, Right?

And I certainly did eat more on a recent trip to Healthy Junk in Anaheim.  As you may remember, I have been here before.  And as you may also remember, I completely stuffed myself at that visit, as well.

The No Fish and Chips ($9.95) are one of my favorites here (my other favorite is the nachos – which you can see at my previous post).  These strips of “Fish” are really crispy and actually have that fishy taste!  The tartar sauce is nice, but is about half creamy dip and half chopped onions.  I could have done with less onions and more creamy dip.  It is served with some potatoes, which were tasty but a little soggy.  That might have been my fault, though, since I may have let them sit too long.

Healthy Junk Fish and Chips

No Fish and Chips

I had a moment of weakness and decided to get a salad.  The thought of juicy, sweet mango overcame me and I ordered the Mango Tango ($7.95).  This salad is loaded with romaine lettuce, quinoa, jicama, tomato, mango, and avocado.  It is then drizzled with their mango dressing.  I liked this salad, but didn’t love it.  I thought there was too much jicama (which is kind of watery and dilutes the other flavors in your mouth).  I also don’t like raw onions or cucumber in my salad and this came with it (not mentioned on the menu).  I might get it again, but without all that stuff.  The dressing was very good.

Healthy Junk Mango Salad

Mango Tango

My entree (as if I needed to eat anything else!) was the BBQ Burger with Slaw ($6.45).  Their meat strips, I believe, are seitan which are covered in BBQ sauce and then topped with a cool slaw.  This was a good burger and I’d get it again.  The whole wheat bun was good and not too “wheaty” – plus it makes you feel healthy (hence the name of the place).

Healthy Junk BBQ Burger

BBQ Burger

The Strawberry Shake ($5.50) was kind of a let down.  It was more like strawberry non-dairy milk.  The flavor was ok, but just too runny for me.  Go with the chocolate shake – it’s a lot better.

Healthy Junk Strawberry Shake

Strawberry Shake

And I tried a healthy take on a vegan Brownie ($2.95).  Honestly, I don’t think this brownie was all that more healthy than a regular brownie.  No cholesterol for sure, but probably still quite a bit of sugar and fat.  Oh well – sometimes a girl just wants a brownie!  The brownie itself was not too phenomenal, but topped with that fudgy frosting – oh wow!  This was one of the better vegan brownies I’ve had – ’cause we all know how hard it is to find a good vegan brownie!  There were mini chocolate chips baked in, which made the chocolate explosion even greater.  I’ll be getting this one again, for sure!

Healthy Junk Brownie


Healthy Junk is one of my new favorite vegan places in Orange County.  They mentioned once that they were thinking of opening a second location in South Orange County.  I hope they do – sometimes Anaheim is just too far to drive from Central/South Orange County.

201 Center St. Promenade Unit B
Anaheim, California 92805

Monday – Saturday 11am – 8pm

Pub Food Made Vegan in LA

I had heard such great things about the food at the Pub at Golden Road Brewing.  The menu lists a ton of vegan options – and some of these options are very creative.  I was super excited to try it.  My vegan guy and I headed all the way over to the north-east side of Los Angeles to get some grub.

The Fritters ($4) were my favorite.  Fried wild mushroom risotto with a vegan pimento cheese?  Yum!  I love risotto on its own and had no idea that a crispy outer layer could make it a whole other thing.  Well done, Golden Road, well done.

Golden Bridge Fritters


And the Pretzel ($7) was one thing that I read such nice things about prior to coming.  It was good, I’ll give them that, but I think it was covered in what would be the average person’s daily recommended intake of sodium.  Yikes!  Too much salt for me.  It was like ocean in my mouth.  I had to rub some of it off with my fingers just so I could eat it.  I wonder if one can order it lightly salted?  It came with spicy mustard and some more pimento cheese.  Still, the sauce was not enough to cover the flavor of all that salt!

Golden Bridge Pretzel


I appreciate the eclectic menu, which included some international dishes – like the Bahn Mi ($7).  The deep fried tofu was a little bland (I wish they marinated it in something more flavorful), but the pickled veggies were nice.  The sriracha mayo was way too spicy for me.  I’ve said this before, but I’m a weakling when it comes to spiciness.  Because the tofu was kind of bland, most of the flavor came from the sriracha.  I wouldn’t get this again.

Golden Bridge Bahn Mi

Bahn Mi

The Quinoa Burger ($9) is handmade and deep fried.  It’s served with lettuce, tomato, onion and a remoulade sauce.  To me, this burger was just so-so.  I liked the fried part of the patty, but the inside was just too mushy to be put on a bun.  It reminded me of a giant potato croquette.  The flavor was there, but I just wish they added some texture to the patty.

Golden Bridge Burger

Quinoa Burger

And for dessert, they actually had a vegan option!  It was a mini Gingersnap Cheesecake ($5).  Again, while I appreciate the effort, this cheesecake was just too chewy.  Maybe it was accidental and the baker just baked it too long, but I didn’t like it.  The strawberries were pretty tart (it wasn’t strawberry season) as well.  I think I’ll stick to baking my own vegan cheesecakes.

Golden Bridge Cheesecake


I bet this place would be great to hang out with friend while sipping on some of their handcrafted beers.  It’s a nice place and I am disappointed I didn’t like their food that much.  There are a few more menu items I’d like to taste some day and maybe I’ll come back to give them another try.

Golden Road

The Pub at Golden Road

5410 West San Fernando Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 2am
Sunday – Tuesday 11am – midnight

Dim Sum at Susan Feniger’s Street

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!  I may be a week late, but I still wanted to give you a re-cap on some amazing dim sum I had for the occasion.  It’s been a crazy week here in SoCal Vegan land.  This past week, I have moved to a new place and started a new job.  But the plus to all this craziness is that I get to see my vegan guy everyday now!  And it’s a good thing I keep him around, because he was the one who told me about a special Chinese New Year Dim Sum Brunch at Susan Feniger’s STREET.


We got a big group of friends together and ordered some of each of the menu items.  All of them were vegan, except the donuts (but could be made vegan).

Street Dim Sum Menu

Dim Sum Menu

The first in our marathon of eats was the Cantonese Style Radish Cakes.  These were one of my favorites (as well as my vegan guy’s).  Great tasting and lightly crispy on the edges.

Street Radish Cakes

Radish Cakes

The Sesame Fritters were filled with a red bean paste that kind of made these sweet.  I think I would have preffered these fritters filled with something more savory, because the outer layer was quite tasty.

Street Sesame Fritters

Sesame Fritters

The Mushroom Shu Mai were another one of my favorites (and among a lot of people according to STREET’s facebook page).  These had a bit of spice in the filling and were on top of a spicy mustard sauce.  It definitely had that burst of fire running up your nasal passage, but subsided quickly.

Street Mushroom Shu Mai

Mushroom Shu Mai

The Vegetable Potstickers were also good.  These were filled with yams and were sort of sweet, but went well with the crispy wrapper.

Street Potstickers


I liked the Jackfruit Bao, but I would have liked a lot more jackfruit.  We split this bun into pieces to share and everyone got a lot of dough and a tiny bit of jackfruit.  The jackfruit was well seasoned, but I just really wanted more of it.

Street Jackfruit Bao

Jackfruit Bao

The Mung Bean Crepes were nice.  Splitting this dish was hard, so I didn’t get much crepe part.  But the tofu scramble topping was simple, flavorful, and good on its own.

Street Mung Bean Crepes

Mung Bean Crepes

The Fried Rice was (by far) my number one favorite of the savory dishes.  I love fried rice dishes and this one had an intense amount of flavor covering the slightly sticky rice.  It seemed like the ingredients weren’t too uncommon – I need to learn to make something like this.

Street Fried Rice

Fried Rice

And my favorite of the sweet dishes (and, well, of ALL the dishes) was the Youtaio Donuts.  According to my vegan guy, these weren’t like the youtaio donuts he’s used to (those are not served sugared).  As for me, I’m glad they were served with soymilk and sugar crystals for dipping.  The fried dough was amazing – fluffy and not too greasy.  The sugar made it seem like I was eating a real fried donut at a state fair.  Yum!  This is really what I need to learn to make on my own (forget the fried rice!).

Street Youtaio Donut

Youtaio Donut

Sadly, the Coconut Tapioca Pearls with Shanghai Fruit were the big bummer of the night.  In fact, this dish was the only one that was barely eaten by the table (we devoured all the others).  I didn’t mind the tapioca texture – which a lot of the people at our table were against- it was just that the flavor was not to my liking.  It must have been the Shanghai fruit.  Not sure what that is, but I guess I don’t like it in my tapioca.

Street Coconut Tapioca

Coconut Tapioca

The Rice Batter Pancake was another one of the less-liked dishes at our table.  To me, the pancake had a funny flavor – kind of like there was too much leavening.  The sweet black sesame and almond syrups were delish, though.  I’d like to order some of that to dip more donuts in.

Street Rice Batter Pancake

Rice Batter Pancake


I hope they do this again – and before the next Chinese New Year!  They need to make it a monthly event, right?  I say let’s all badger them until they do it.  Ready?  Go.



Downtown LA’s Vegan Pizza

I’m actually cleansing as I write this post and have been craving pizza for about a week and a half.  So this pizza picture is killing me!  I remember it like it was yesterday.  Hot, cheesy, sweet, and full of bread… I think my stomach just growled.

But really.  Purgatory Pizza is so out of the way for me.  It’s this tiny shop in a random part of downtown.   One day, I just so happen to be on that side of town with some vegan friends.  I was determined to get it.  Luckily, my friends were up for a slice of the good stuff.  The pizza here reminds me of that greasy stuff you would get as a school kid after a game of soccer or little league.  The slice was thin, but the width was massive.  Oh the memories!   We opted for the very grown-up BBQ Chicken Pizza.  This large pizza set us back $20, but was delicious.

Purgatory Pizza

BBQ Chicken Pizza

BBQ Chicken pizzas are one of my favorite varieties.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a sauce other than ordinary tomato.  And look at those nice hearty chunks of Gardein chicken and pineapple.

Purgatory Pizza

Pizza Slice

Purgatory Pizza has free delivery for orders over $15, but I’m not sure how far they will travel.  If you live in downtown, you should definitely give them a ring to find out if they will come to you.  And for everyone else – their address is:

1326 East 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Monday – Friday 11:30am – 11pm
Saturday and Sunday 12pm – 11pm

Casa Maya in Mentone

I know, I know.  I said I was back and then I disappeared again.  I promise this time I will be more consistent with my posts.  I honestly have a whole bunch of draft posts of things I’ve eaten the past few months ready to be finalized and brought to you.   Please forgive me.


My parent’s neighbor recently gave me a great recommendation for food in the area where they live.  I actually was quite surprised I hadn’t heard of Casa Maya before.  I grew up in the area and had spent a lot of my childhood as a vegetarian. This Mexican restaurant gets its unique cuisine from the Yucatan region and has a special vegetarian menu.


I went to visit my family and my mom and I decided to grab some lunch here.  We ordered two dishes and split them.  Our first dish was the Veggie Panuchos ($11.95).  What is a Veggie Panucho?  I had to read the menu to find out: corn tortillas stuffed with black beans, topped with marinated onion, cabbage, xnipec, and fresh guacamole.  It came with a side of beans and potatoes.  Wow – was this thing good.  I was hesitant about the marinated onions (the pink stuff in the picture), because… really… pink onions?  But they were great and (I think) essential to the dish.  And the sides!  Oh the sides!  Insanely good.

Casa Maya Veggie Panuchos

Veggie Panuchos


The second dish was just as good as the first!  The Potato and Avocado Empanadas ($11.95) were amazing.  How can you go wrong with dough filled with avocado and potatoes and then fried?  Again, I was hesitant about one component of this dish, but it wasn’t the onions this time.  The cream of balsamic vinegar was not too vinegary and enhanced the flavor of the empanadas (Phew! because I don’t like strong vinegar flavors).  And more beans and potatoes!  I need me some more of this.

Casa Maya Empanadas



There are a few other items on their vegetarian menu – a few don’t look too easily veganized.  It doesn’t matter, though, the two dishes we got were satisfying enough.

Casa Maya Menu

Casa Maya Menu


1839 Mentone Blvd
Mentone, CA 92359


Loving Hut in Upland

Loving Huts are everywhere – and I mean EVERYWHERE!  The diligent disciples of the Supreme Master Ching Hai have opened these all-vegan restaurants all over the world.  Whatever may be the reason for their openings, I am glad they did.  Sometimes it is just hard trying to find vegan food – Loving Hut makes it easier.

I was in the Upland area and decided to support the local Loving Hut.  Just so you don’t think I am a total glutton (although I really am), I will tell you that I did eat some of this for lunch at the restaurant and some I took to work for dinner.  The Joyful Sate ($4.75) is marinated TVP (textured vegetable protein) grilled with a special traditional homemade sauce.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this.  The TVP was too chewy and the sauce was too soy-saucey for me.

Loving Hut Skewers

Joyful Sate

The Peking BBQ ($4.99) was more my style.  This dish is BBQ marinated seitan with a homemade sauce.  It was savory with a hint of sweetness and not as chewy as the first appetizer.

Loving Hut Peking BBQ

Peking BBQ

And I got one entree to nibble on – their Lemongrass Country ($7.75).  It’s deep fried soy protein chunks sauteed with lemon grass.  OK, so I said deep fried, but it actually wasn’t that greasy.  The lemongrass flavor was awesome – not overpowering.  The side salad came with a delicious sweet tropical fruit dressing.

Loving Hut Lemongrass Chicken

Lemongrass Country

They had some pre-packaged servings of dessert, too. The Blueberry Pie ($3.25) wasn’t the greatest berry pie I’ve had, but something I’d certainly recommend trying if you wanted a dessert here.

Loving Hut Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie

The Peanut Butter Dream Pie ($3.25) was my favorite of the two (you can’t go wrong with peanut butter!).  It was like a thicker, chewier cheesecake… but in a good way.  Very creamy and very peanut buttery.

Loving Hut Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut Butter Pie

There are so many more menu items I would like to try.  It is a very fake meat heavy place and if you can’t eat soy, don’t come here.  A few non fake meat dishes use tofu, but there is not much without soy.

The Upland location is at:

903 West Foothill Boulevard
Upland, CA 91786

Tuesday – Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday: 4 pm – 9 pm
Monday: Closed