Here I Go!

There are certain blogs out there that I just love to read.  I have bookmarked many recipes from these blogs, dined at restaurants they’ve reviewed, and used their ideas in my own life.  Recently, one of those blogs called it quits and I was somewhat dramatic about its end.  When my vegan guy suggested that I should start my own, I thought, “Yea.  Why don’t I start my own?”  So here it is.  I hope to bring you the latest news about vegan events, products, and eating establishments here in Southern California.  If you would like to share some info, thoughts, or comments of your own, I’d love to hear them!  Comment on my posts or send me an email to share.


Please enjoy what’s about to come!


Oh and as for that blog that called it quits?  Thankfully, she’s back to blogging in a lovely condensed version of her previous blog.

2 responses

  1. This blog is AWESOME!! I enjoyed reading about all my favorite veg restaurants, and learning new things. As far as the burger at Hugo’s I actually ordered that a couple weeks ago, and also got the ranch as one of my three options. It was totally runny for me too, and I thought that might have just been a one-off, but it sounds likes that’s how they normally make it. The burger itself was super yummy though. Also, I didn’t know Leaf Cuisine had soft serve ice cream!! That’s really exciting and I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for creating this blog. Looking forward to reading future entries.

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