I’m back

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s been this long since my last post.  A LOT has happened since then.  Let me get you updated.  At last post, I was in the process of opening my own vegan bakery!!  This was a dream I had had for a long time and I was finally making it come true.  I found a nice little spot for it and was refining the recipes of all the delicious baked goods I’d have there.  I even wanted to do some creamy soft serve ice cream there.  It was going to be fantastic!  Unfortunately, during the process I was realizing just how much was going to have to go into the space and how this passion for baking was completely dissolving into a sort of nuisance.  I’ve always heard of people who turn their passion into their job and then end up hating this passion.  I was beginning to see how this can be.  I decided to let the dream go (or at least put it back on the back burner again) and I got a job back in the corporate world.  I don’t regret any of this, though.  I have a nice job now working normal hours and have more time to spend volunteering with animals (which I absolutely love!).  This is something I would not have been able to do as a bakery owner – or at least not until the bakery was so successful that I wouldn’t have to be there all the time.  Would its great success have happened?  Maybe. For now, I love supporting other vegan businesses out there who did follow through on their dreams.  It takes a lot to take that risk and I have so much more respect for these people than I did at the beginning of this journey.

I also spent most of this time contemplating whether to continue this blog.  A part of me thinks it’s a lot of work taking, editing, and organizing pictures and then writing things about them on a consistent basis – I mean, are people even reading blogs anymore?  But then a part of me thinks that I want to get information out there that may not already be out there – promoting those vegan dreamers and their products.  So I sided with the dreamers.  I hope you will continue this journey with me and check back for upcoming posts about all the fabulous things that exist in this world.

Happy New Year!

I’m finally back!  Thanks to everyone who have waited with bated breath for my return. I plan on a lot of new things for the coming year, so come back often to check them out.  Tomorrow I’ll have my first review of 2013 (and it’ll be so tantalizing, it’ll make you break your New Year’s Resolutions!).


I apologize to my four followers that may have been wondering where I have been.  I recently took a vacation to the east in the middle of Sandy.  I managed to avoid any problems on the trip, but did neglect this blog.  I have also been in the process of making significant life changes – that, at this point, may even not happen.  To sum it up, I have a lot to think about and have made the decision to take some time from this blog.  Rest assured, though, I will be back before the new year!  Happy Holidays!

Green Earth in Pasadena

Pasadena is growing in their offerings for vegans.  Green Earth is an all vegan restaurant in the quaint Old Town district of Pasadena.  My vegan guy and I went and got a plethora of options.

Our first appetizer was the nachos ($5.25) – organic white corn chips and cheese served with guacamole, pico de gallo, and jalapeños.  As you can see from the picture, it is kind of plain.  We got the pico de gallo on the side, but even so, the guacamole was more like pureed avocado.  It was decent, but not the best.

Green Earth Nachos

Nachos (pico de gallo on the side)

Hot and Sour Soup ($4.95)  was next – spicy soup with bamboo shoots, tofu, soy protein, king oyster mushroom, and shredded carrot.  I didn’t really like this one either. I thought it was not very flavorful, but high on the spicy factor. This soup was small, but enough to serve two.

Green Earth Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and Sour Soup

My vegan guy got the Wonder Sub ($8.95) – veggie “meatball” sandwich topped with marinara sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese.  He really liked this.  I had a bite and liked it as well, but I also think I have had better meatball subs.

Green Earth Wonder Sub

Wonder Sub

For my entree, I got the California Chick-un Wrap ($8.95) – sautéed chick’un, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, pico de gallo, and house made tofu mayo.  I love wraps and this one was no different.  It is very light – not greasy at all. There was a perfect amount of chicken versus avocado versus tortilla.

Green Earth California Chick-un Wrap

California Chick-un Wrap (pico de gallo on the side)

As if you thought we couldn’t eat anymore, we got dessert.  Green tea is always appealing to me, so I got the Green Tea Cheesecake ($5.25).  It was slightly cold and wonderfully creamy.  A very nice lightly sweet dessert to end the night.

Green Earth Green Tea Cheesecake

Green Tea Cheesecake

If you make it out to Pasadena, make sure to check out Green Earth Vegan Restaurant.  You can park for free for 90 minutes across the street in the parking structure.

37 South Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91105

Sun – Thur: 11:30am – 9pm
Fri – Sat: 11:30am – 10pm

Gobble Green Vegan Meal Delivery – week 1

If you get emails from any sort of group coupon site that offers daily deals, you may have seen Gobble Green offering their vegan meal service.  This fairly new vegan company offers meal plans and a la carte foods shipped to you nationwide from their kitchen in Los Angeles.  The deal running on these group coupon sites is a hugely discounted Vegan Starter Kit.  When I bought mine, I got it for $99 (a value of $225) – shipping included.  It was shipped to me in an insulated container with dry ice to keep the foods as cold as possible.  All foods are to remain frozen until eaten.  This vegan starter kit included three meals plus dessert each day for 7 days.

Gobble Green Week 1

Gobble Green Week 1

Keep Reading

Here I Go!

There are certain blogs out there that I just love to read.  I have bookmarked many recipes from these blogs, dined at restaurants they’ve reviewed, and used their ideas in my own life.  Recently, one of those blogs called it quits and I was somewhat dramatic about its end.  When my vegan guy suggested that I should start my own, I thought, “Yea.  Why don’t I start my own?”  So here it is.  I hope to bring you the latest news about vegan events, products, and eating establishments here in Southern California.  If you would like to share some info, thoughts, or comments of your own, I’d love to hear them!  Comment on my posts or send me an email to share.


Please enjoy what’s about to come!


Oh and as for that blog that called it quits?  Thankfully, she’s back to blogging in a lovely condensed version of her previous blog.