Valentine’s Special at Native Foods

I heard about the Native Foods Valentine’s Special and had to get it.  Luckily, a new location had just opened at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, which is a lot closer to me than the locations in Costa Mesa or Tustin.

The Valentine’s Special included vegetable lasagna layered with tofu ricotta, roasted portobellos, greens, and a fresh marinara and topped with Native cashew parmesan.  It was served with a Caesar salad and garlic bread.  I loved the garlic bread – it was the best part.  The Caesar salad was also good.  The lasagna, on the other hand, was slightly lacking on the flavor.  I found that the large pieces of portobello mushrooms and kale took over and I had wished there were more cheese and spices.

Native Foods Valentine's Special

Valentine’s Special – Lasagna, Garlic Bread, and Caesar Salad – $9.95

The tiramisu wasn’t how I remembered tiramisu.  Prepared with espresso soaked vanilla cake with vegan mascarpone and shaved chocolate.   The vanilla cake was what I remembered angel food cake to be – kind of spongey and light on flavor.  The espresso made the edges of the cake soggy – not good.  The mascarpone reminded me of marshmallow fluff – thick and sticky.  It was smooth, but the texture threw me off.  Not creamy how I remember the real stuff to be.  The whole thing was just ok.  It was a lightly sweet dessert for those who like that sort of thing.

Native Foods Tiramisu

Tiramisu – $2.95

All in all, I’m not sure if I’d order this again if it appeared on the regular menu.  I am still very excited about the new Fashion Island location.  There are a few new items that I am wanting to try and will definitely be back to order these.

Native Foods has been opening new locations all over the place.  Check out their website to see if one is near you.

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