Killer Breakfast Sandwich at Seabirds Food Truck

Holy Shih-Tzu!  I went today to the SoCo Farmers Market and got the breakfast croissant sandwich at Seabirds Food Truck.  So good.  This thing was made with homemade (by Seabirds!) croissant, tofu egg, heirloom tomato, avocado, and basil pesto aioli.  This croissant was amazing.  Super fatty (in a good way) – not dry like some croissants sold.  Vegans out there know how hard it is to find vegan croissants.  Thank you Seabirds for filling that void.  I hope to see it on the menu again!

Seabird's Breakfast Croissant Sandwich

Breakfast Croissant Sandwich – $7

But of course I wanted to try something else, so I got the Chipotle BBQ Jack Tacos.  These babies are loaded with grilled jackfruit and topped with cabbage slaw.  They were kind of too spicy for me (I’m weak), but still oh so good.  I would have loved these without the “chipotle.”  The jackfruit was perfectly marinated and the creamy slaw was a great balance to the spicy and sweet BBQ.

Seabirds Chipotle BBQ Jack Tacos

Chipotle BBQ Jack Tacos – 2 for $7

It’s only noon, so you still have 2 hours to get over there and get one!

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