Pizza Night at M Cafe

M Cafe de Chaya specializes in macrobiotic cuisine.  They are vegan with some fish selections.  Somewhat recently, they started offering pizza on Saturday nights.  My vegan guy and I finally went to try it out.

He ordered the pizza with tempeh bacon and avocado.  I want to say that I liked this pizza, but I kind of didn’t.  The bad thing about it was the crust.  It was not like pizza crust – it was more bland and doughy.  The toppings part was good, but the crust just killed it.  Maybe it was an off day, so you should go ahead and try the pizza to see for yourself.

M Cafe Pizza

Pizza with Avocado and Tempeh Bacon – $11.95

I ordered the California Club with the Soba Noodle side salad (a triple-decker of savory tempeh “bacon”, lettuce, tomato, avocado, carrots, sprouts & soy-mayo on your choice of house-baked toasted sourdough or multi-grain & seed bread).  For me, this club didn’t have enough filling.  All of the filling was concentrated in the center and the bites at the edges were just of bread.  The bread was also really chewy – tasted like a combination of not really toasted bread and day old  bread.  My vegan guy and I came closer to closing, so maybe we were getting the last of the pickings for the day.  I don’t know what was happening.  I’ve enjoyed M Cafe before (and I know other bloggers have raved about them as well).  The soba noodle salad (a cold salad) was nice and tasty, though.

M Cafe Club

California Club with Soba Noodle Salad – $11.25

I also was craving some fries, so I ordered M Cafe’s sweet potato fries.  I was a fan of the fries, but the sauce that came with it – Spicy Yuzu Mayo- was too spicy for me.  I should have asked for plain ol’ ketchup.  Next time I’ll ask when I order.

M Cafe Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries – $3.95

Parking is troublesome at M Cafe. There are a few spaces connected to the restaurant, but mainly you will have to find a spot on the street.

7119 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90046

(323) 525-0588

Monday thru Saturday
9 am – 10 pm

9 am – 9 pm

They also have a location in Beverly Hills at:

9433 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(310) 858-8459

Monday thru Saturday
9 am – 8 pm

10 am – 7 pm

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