Sjaak’s Vegan Easter Candy

I’m not that into Easter, but I’m very into Easter candy.  Luckily for vegans, many companies now create cute little treats in vegan varieties.  Sjaak’s is an awesome company making some of those vegan candies.  I ordered two kinds of Easter themed chocolates from Vegan Essentials recently.  Wow!  Both were really good!

First was the Vegan Milk Chocolate Almond Butter Easter Bunny.  So adorable!  It’s a small bunny (1.1 oz) and can be eaten in one-three bites.  Sjaak’s vegan milk chcolate is divine!  Just how I remember dairy milk chocolate.  The almond butter inside was creamy and a perfect complement to the vegan milk chocolate.

Sjaak's Easter Candy

Sjaak’s Easter Candy

Wanting more, I opened up the second chocolate candy I ordered: Chocolate Easter Egg Filled with Crunchy Peanut Butter.  Again – petite (2 oz) and adorable!  Both of these would be perfect in an Easter basket for someone special!  The vegan milk chocolate was still wonderful and the crunchy peanut butter was great at adding some texture to the treat.  I’ll have 1,000 of these, please!

Sjaak's Easter Candy

Inside the goodies

Unfortunately, I just checked out Vegan Essentials website and they are no longer offering these products.  Sjaak’s website is sold out of the Easter Eggs, but still has the almond butter bunnies here.  Get them while you can!!

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