Cleanse from Earthly Juices in Tustin

After I finished my three day Detox Food Box from Leaf Cuisine, I took on a two day cleanse from Earthly Juices in Tustin.  Of course I purchased this from Groupon (I’ve gone buying crazy on Groupon).  I paid $99 for this two day drink feast, which they value at $199.

In this deal, I was supposed to get:

  • 2 quarts of nut- and dairy-free sprouted green smoothies
  • 2 quarts of liver-detox tea
  • 2 quarts of alkalizing green drinks
  • One raw detox soup
  • Two signature colon-sweep salads
Day 1 started with a Green Smoothie (sprouts, mango, celery, pineapple, banana, apple, and avocado).  My green juice on the Leaf Cuisine detox plan was really gross, so I was not looking forward to more of the green stuff.  Surprisingly, this smoothie was delicious.  I like how they have more fruit in their drinks – making it a lot more palatable for me.
I was told to drink the Green Smoothie and the Green Drink by lunchtime, so almost immediately after I finished the Green Smoothie, I started the Green Drink (apple, lemon, ginger, parsley, and kale).  I’m not sure why they call it a green “drink,” but I’m thinking it’s part smoothie and part juice.  Either way, I liked it.  It was sweet with a hint of citrus and ginger.
Another recommendation was to drink the tea throughout the day (and then fill the empty jar with water and drink that too).  I am not a tea drinker, so having to drink a quart of the stuff each day was going to be tough.  The Rootbeer Tea I received for Day 1 wasn’t going to make it easy on me, either (very strong).  Of all the things I got from  Leaf Cuisine and now from Earthly Juices – the tea was the worst.
Earthly Juices Day 1 Cleanse

Day 1: (left to right) Rootbeer Tea, Green Smoothie, Green Drink

My mid-day snack was a small Cabbage Salad.  I liked this.  The cabbage had a sweet dressing on it – perfect for me and my sweet tooth.

Earthly Juices Cabbage Salad

Cabbage Salad

For dinner, I was told to have half of the jar of soup provided on Day 1 and half on Day 2.  The listing of food to be provided said I was going to receive a raw soup, but this one was to be heated.  I’m not a raw foodist, so I was excited to have something warm, but buyer beware: the soups are not raw at Earthly Juices.  The soup I got in my cleanse was a Red Lentil Dal.  I had gone to India a few years ago and all I seemed to eat there was yellow, mushy food.  I was so sick of it, that even mentioning Indian food now makes me slightly gag.  I was not looking forward to this soup. Oh. Wow.  It was one of the best lentil dishes I’ve ever eaten!  I shoved this meal into my mouth at lightning speed.  I’m definitely going back to Earthly Juices when this is offered as their daily soup.

Earthly Juices Red Lentil Dal

Red Lentil Dal

I didn’t go to bed hungry on Day 1 and was looking forward to the offerings on Day 2 (except the tea!).  In my cleanse I received a Protein Smoothie (no ingredients listed but I saw the guy make it – bananas, cinnamon, protein powder?, some kind of sweetener).  I don’t even know if I was to received this, as it was not listed in the items I was to get (see above).  Either way, I was told I could have some for breakfast.  It was like a dessert!  I loved this!  There was so much cinnamon – I’m going back often for this smoothie.

I also got another Green Smoothie (sprouts, mango, pineapple, celery, parsley, and avocado).  It wasn’t as sweet as Day 1 (I think it was more avocado-y), but I still really liked it.

And another Green Drink (cucumber, apple, lime, fennel, and celery).  This was my least favorite of the green drinks, but it still wasn’t bad.  I don’t like cucumbers, but it wasn’t an extremely prominent flavor.

And my last tea: Peppermint Mate Tea.  I’m still not liking tea and this one reminded me of drinking mouthwash (the peppermint was really strong).

Earthly Juices Day 2 Cleanse

Day 2: (left to right) Green Drink, Green Smoothie, Peppermint Mate Tea, Protein Smoothie

My late lunch was a Kale Salad.  It was nice.  It wasn’t too bitter, it had enough dressing, and the nuts were good at adding more texture.

Earthly Juices Kale Salad

Kale Salad

I finished off Day 2 with more of that amazing Red Lentil Dal and some Protein Smoothie for dessert.  Yum!  A great way to end a cleanse.

Earthly Juices has a retail location in Tustin and has an atmosphere of a coffee shop.  There aren’t many tables, but a lot of comfy couches to sit on and hang out.  They have a very small menu of juices, smoothies, a soup of the day, and some raw salads/entrees.  All of their menu is vegan (except for cow kefir) and raw (except for the heated soup of the day).  They serve their drinks in quart or pint mason jars.  If you bring in your own jar, it’ll save you money (I think $1 off the drink).

Earthly Juices has many cleanses available.  I loved what I got on my cleanse and would recommend it to anyone.  I do think that they over valued the cleanse I bought through Groupon.  They said it has a value of $199, but the 2-day cleanse I saw on their website that costs $199 has 10 quarts of Earthly Juices and 25 enzymes.  I was only to receive 6 quarts and I don’t think I got any enzymes (nothing was listed on the ingredients to the drinks).  I still don’t think I overspent on this deal, but I’m positive I didn’t get the value of $199.

They don’t have a menu on their website, but the menu they provided to Groupon is here: Earthly Juices Menu.   I compared the Groupon menu to the menu at the store and I’m pretty sure that whole second page is not offered (maybe special order?).  You’ll have to go to the store to really see what they offer, but at least it’ll give you an idea.

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