Getting Warm at Leaf Cuisine

I have gone to Leaf Cuisine a few times recently and I have discovered that I am more of a fan of their fusion cuisine than their raw cuisine.  Their fusion cuisine consists of cooked and raw foods combined.  I especially like their fusion wraps.

Their Chick’in Pesto Wrap ($10.99) is really good – Soy Chick’in mixed w/ cashew kreme cheeze, sauerkraut, pico de gallo, sour kreme & sprouts.  This wrap was very flavorful – I loved the pesto used to drizzle on it.  It was also a large portion, so you can always take the one half home and enjoy it later.

Leaf Cuisine Chick’in Pesto Wrap

Chick’in Pesto Wrap

Another wrap is the Philly Cheeze Stake Lavash ($10.99) –  Soy Beaf Stips w/ melted vegan cheeze-, marin onions, spicy sour kreme, cashew kreme cheeze, sauerkraut, tomato & spring mix.  I didn’t taste this one, but my vegan guy enjoyed it.

Leaf Cuisine Philly Cheeze Stake Lavash

Philly Cheeze Stake Lavash

We also got a dessert to go (well, it was given to us, because of a mistake in our order).  I obviously had a lapse in judgment, because I went with the Raw Chocolate Cheesecake.  I should have known I wouldn’t like the bitterness of the raw chocolate, because I never do.  And it was bitter.  The raspberry filling was also way too tart for me.  The only good thing about this dessert (besides being free) was the creaminess.  Next time, I’ll opt for a non-chocolate cheesecake.

Leaf Cuisine Raw Cheesecake

Raw Chocolate Cheesecake

Leaf Cuisine is located at:

11938 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 397 0700

Hours of Operation
Mon – Fri 10 AM to 9 PM
Sat – Sun 11 AM to 9 PM

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