ROAD TRIP: Mu Du Noodles in Santa Fe

Our last meal in Santa Fe before my mom and I continued on our journey to Oklahoma City was at Mu Du Noodles.  This was the best meal in Santa Fe.  The staff was super nice here – even giving us free food!  And the food was delicious!

We ordered the Spring Rolls [four pieces of fresh and uncooked rolls served with nuoc cham and peanut-hoisin sauce] for an appetizer.  The roll was your standard spring roll with a yummy peanut sauce.  It was nice that they had the hot sauce on the side so the customer can choose their own level of spiciness.

Mu Du Noodles Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

We didn’t order the Green Beans, but out waiter said it was one of his favorites and brought it out to us.  How nice!!  And I’m glad he did.  This isn’t on the menu and I forget what was on it, but they were very flavorful.

Mu Du Green Beans

Green Beans

The items on the menu are marked if they can be prepared vegan.  There were a few dishes we wanted to try, but settled on the Emerald Sautee [pan seared tofu sautéed in garlic oil with Green Tea noodles, fresh spinach, shiitake mushrooms local and seasonal vegetables, garnished  with crispy shallots] and a Pesto Noodle dish.  This was so good!  It wasn’t your typical Asian style noodle dish, but so much more.  The garlic made it taste sort of Italian and the green tea noodles and shiitake mushrooms brought out the Asian flare.

Mu Du Emerald Sautee

Emerald Sautee

Our second choice of entree was a Pesto Noodle dish that isn’t on their online menu, so I can’t tell you exactly what was in it.  I just remember it had pesto, lemon, sesame seeds, vegetables, and tofu.  I don’t know which noodle dish I liked better – they were both so good.  This one also had that Italian/Asian vibe going on.  I would certainly recommend this.

Mu Du Noodles Pesto Noodles

Pesto Noodles

Our waiter asked if we wanted dessert and said the only vegan option was a coconut sorbet.  We were full and I wasn’t really feeling sorbet, so we declined.  But that didn’t stop our waiter from bringing out the Coconut Sorbet anyway!  This guy knew what was up.  I am so glad he brought out another wonderful dish for us.  The sorbet was so creamy and fantastic!

Mu Du Coconut Sorbet

Coconut Sorbet

You’ve got to go to Mu Du Noodles if you are ever in Santa Fe.

1494 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tuesday – Saturday 5:30pm – 9pm



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