Brunch at Sage Vegan Bistro

I would like to share that this week So Cal Vegan Gal hit 1,000 views!  That means my vegan guy is super supportive of my blog!  No, no – he’s pretty normal… sometimes (wink, wink).  But really, I would like to thank everyone who visits my blog.  It really means a lot to me knowing that I am not just sending this information out into the cold, black space.  And I even get some views from pretty random places around the world.  I don’t know what brings them to a blog about being vegan in Southern California, but if you happen to be reading this from overseas, “Welcome!  Thanks for reading my blog!!”  I say very slowly and loudly, because we all know that if we speak to non-English speakers very slowly and loudly, they will understand.

And now back to the post.

Sage Vegan Bistro is one of those places that has a large and varied menu that changes often.  It’s a good thing if you don’t like what they offer one month, because, most likely, the next month they will probably offer something else.  However, if you absolutely love something, you might be disappointed the next time you dine here.  Both have happened to me.  Right now, though, lots look good to me on their menu.  I better start making more trips to the Echo Park area before these items disappear.

On a day with tasty-looking menu items, my vegan guy and I went in for brunch.  I started with the Polenta Cake ($8.95): fried polenta topped with tomato confit and sautéed spinach with green pesto sauce.  What a delightful dish.  The tastes just blended so nicely and I always feel like I’ve earned some bonus points by starting off my day with some greens.

Sage Bistro Polenta

Polenta Cake

I also ordered the BLTA ($11.95) served on a croissant.  For me, the bacon was too smokey.  After eating some of it, I really ended up just wanting that amazing croissant.  Next time I’m asking for the croissant with some jam.

Sage Bistro Croissant BLTA

Croissant BLTA

My vegan guy got the Spinach Avocado and Walnut Sausage Florentine ($11.95): served over fresh baked baguette, topped with hollandaise sauce, and comes with roasted potatoes.  From what I remember, I think he liked it all right.  Also from what I remember, I think I liked his dish more than my BLTA.

Sage Bistro Florentine


Sage is located at:

1700 West Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Sunday 9am-4pm & 5pm-10pm
Monday-Wednesday 11am-10pm
Thursday-Friday 11am-11pm
Saturday 9am-4pm & 5pm-11pm

Brunch Saturday and Sunday 9am-4pm

BONUS: Inside Sage Vegan Bistro is a Kind Kreme.  Easily get your vegan dessert after your meal!

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