Vegan Ice Cream at Scoops

It’s Summertime!  And that means vegans go out in search of frozen treats like non-dairy ice cream from Scoops.  They’ve been around for awhile and most LA vegans are already in the know, but some of our dear vegan friends outside the LA Metropolitan area are out of the loop.  I’m here to include those poor folks and let them know of a vegan ice cream option to try on their next trip to LA.  Scoops has two locations.  The original location is next to LA City College and the newer spot is in West LA.  Scoops sells a bunch of dairy filled ice creams (gross!) and two or more vegan varieties (yum!).  The flavors change daily, so you’ll never get bored.

My latest trip to Scoops gave me Raspberry Chocolate and Oreo Ice Cream.  I think it was either a very hot day or they changed the temperature setting on their freezer, because these scoops were a bit softer than I remember.  I think it made them extra delicious.  I also really loved the Raspberry Chocolate, because the raspberry really mellowed out the strong chocolate flavor.  Most of the time when I go to Scoops, they have a chocolate based flavor, but I always find the chocolate to be too much for me.

Scoops Raspberry Chocolate and Oreo

Raspberry Chocolate and Oreo

I have yet to go to the one in West LA, but they are nice enough to update a facebook page so you know what flavors are available.  The original location is very popular and sometimes sells out of the vegan flavors before closing on Saturday nights.  There used to be an awesome vegan restaurant across the street (RIP Pure Luck) and I asked if their closing had any influence on the amount of vegan ice cream Scoops was selling these days.  I was told that there was a decline at first, but now everything is about the same.  Good for them!  I’d hate to see the demand get so low that they would discontinue their vegan flavors.

Scoops East
712 N Heliotrope Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Monday – Saturday 12pm – 10pm
Sunday 1pm – 6pm

Scoops West
3400 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Monday – Saturday 12pm – 10pm

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