M Cafe in Los Angeles

I’ve posted before about M Cafe’s macrobiotic eats and now I’m back again to tell you about another meal here.  A nice little pre-meal snack is their Shiitake Inari ($2.25).  It’s a wonderful bean curd skin filled with rice and marinated shiitake mushrooms.  Sweet and simple.

M Cafe Braised Shiitake Inari

Braised Shiitake Inari

I think I missed the boat in posting this.  This item is off M Cafe’s spring menu, but now it is summer so you probably won’t be able to get it anymore.  It’s a Dill Tofu Salad Wrap with a side of their Barley and Green Garbanzo Bean Salad ($8.95).  I loved this wrap.  It reminded me of an egg salad sandwich.  It was so fresh tasting.  The side salad was an interesting one.  I’ve never seen green garbanzo beans, but they were good.

M Cafe Tofu Dill Salad Wrap

Tofu Dill Salad Wrap

My vegan guy got the Carolina BBQ Seitan Burger ($11.95): thinly sliced grilled seitan basted with zesty barbeque
sauce and piled on a house-baked whole wheat bun with grilled onions, pickles and creamy cole slaw.  This burger has a spicy kick to it, but gets cooled down by the coleslaw.  If you can handle the heat, you’d like this one.

M Cafe Carolina BBQ Burger

Carolina BBQ Burger

Parking is no fun at M Cafe. There are a few spaces connected to the restaurant, but mainly you will have to find a spot on the street.

7119 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90046

Monday – Saturday 9 am – 10 pm
Sunday 9 am – 9 pm

They also have a location in Beverly Hills at:

9433 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Monday – Saturday 9 am – 8 pm
Sunday 10 am – 7 pm

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