Great Risotto from a Box?

Risotto is that rice dish that takes forever to prepare.  One has to stand at the stove and gradually add in broth to the cooking rice.  And if you’re vegan, don’t even think it’s that easy to find a place to make you risotto free of cream, cheese, or meat broth.  I think I’ve only found one place in my life that was willing to modify their risotto recipe to accommodate my vegan diet – and this was in not-at-all-nearby Oakland.  Luckily, there is a product in a box that makes making risotto a little bit easier.

Caley & Cobb is a small business offering gourmet foods such as risotto mixes, spices, and spreads.  These products aren’t meant to be vegan, but a few of their products actually are.  I love the Mushroom Risotto, because it tastes so good and is pretty easy to make.  It comes with a rice packet and and a spice packet.  Just saute the rice in some olive oil and butter (Earth Balance) and add the spice packet and some vegetable stock.  Keep adding the stock a bit at a time until the rice is fully cooked.  Easy peasy.  I topped mine with some Parma Vegan Parmasean Cheese and ate it up.

Caley & Cobb Artisan Mushroom Risotto with Parma

Mushroom Risotto with Vegan Parmesan

Where can one find this product?  You can order by phone at 909-794-4415, but I always buy mine inside Gerrards Market at 705 West Cypress Avenue, Redlands, CA.

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