¡Hola! from Native Foods

It seemed both my vegan guy and I were craving a bit of mexican inspired cuisine, because we both picked something with that south of the border taste at Native Foods.  My vegan guy went with the Nachos ($7.95): corn tortilla chips covered in black beans, Native Taco Meat, Native Chipotle Crema, Native Cheese, salsa fresca, and guacamole.  I’ll say it over and over, but I love cashew cheese (which is what the Native cheese is).  It’s just so creamy!  And it goes well on these nachos.  In fact, everything in the nachos tastes exceptionally well.

Native Foods Nachos


Unlike the nachos, my Roasted Chile Taco Trio ($7.95) was not so great.  It sounded good with refried beans, roasted jalapenos and layered with brown rice, mango salsa, guacamole and cilantro.  But, sadly, the difficulty in eating them was just not worth the taste.  I prefer soft tacos or burritos over hard shelled tacos, but I definitely prefer hard shelled tacos over this mini taco salad shell crap.  Who eats a taco like this?  I expect to bite into a taco – not break off a piece of shell and scoop up the filling.  No bueno on the presentation, Native Foods.

Native Foods Tacos


Who knows when this item will be taken off the menu, since they change it so frequently.  Get it while you can (if you so desire).

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