Back to the Roots Mushroom Growing Kit

Vegan MoFo Day 5:

Many months ago, I bought this deal for three mushroom growing kits by Back to the Roots.  I thought this was such an awesome thing!  I can grow my own mushrooms?!  I love mushrooms.  Plus, oyster mushrooms were expensive and hard to find in the stores.  I thought I’d save a bundle.

The thing is, you have to spray the thing with water twice a day, everyday, until you are ready to harvest.  Since I’m gone most weekends, this kit ended up being quite a burden.  When I finally found a good time to start growing, I did as directed.

First, you have to soak the kit (instructions are included when you buy the kit).  Then you drain it, put it back in the box, cut some slits, and wait for things to grow.

Back to the Roots

Soaking the Bag

If your kit actually grows – it’ll look something like the following pictures (I’m such an urban-farming hipster now!):

Back to the Roots Day 1

Day 1

Back to the Roots Day 7

Day 7

Back to the Roots Day 8

Day 8

Back to the Roots Day 9

Day 9

Back to the Roots Day 10

Day 10

Back to the Roots Day 11

Day 11

I say “if” you kit grows, because my first kit did not grow.  They have a 100% guarantee, so I contacted them for support.  It took a few days for them to respond (a lot of time wasted for a kit that should be harvestable in about 10 days).  By the time they did reply to me, I had already given up on that kit and started a new one (seen above).  They gave me tips on how to save the first kit, but it never did grow, so they sent me a new one.

They also say that “when you are ready” you can go ahead and follow the same steps to harvest the other side of the kit.  Cool – I can get two harvests out of one kit!  Well, I wasn’t “ready” to harvest the second side immediately after finishing the first side, so I waited a week or two.  That was a mistake.  I came into my kitchen one day to see my kit covered in mold (the bad kind) and fruit flies swarming the place.  I had to take that kit out to the trash – leaving me with only one harvest under my belt.

So, would I buy this again?  Definitely not!!  I think I bought it for around $13, but I’ve seen oyster mushrooms being sold at Whole Foods for $10-$15 a pound.  Considering I only got 3 and 1/8th ounces out of my one harvest, it was way not worth the money. I’d say this is only worth it if you have kids and want to do something fun with them.  Save your mushroom purchases for the stores.

And did they taste good?  I actually didn’t see much difference in them compared to some varieties of cheaper mushrooms at the store.  I had been wanting to try this Clam Chowder recipe from Healthy Happy Life, so I used the mushrooms for that.  The soup was great!!  But I think you could easily sub the mediocre Back to the Roots mushrooms for another variety.

kblog Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder

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