Happy Family in Loma Linda

I’m seriously in love with Chinese food (or at least what we call Chinese food here in the states).  I already told you about my delicious meal at Happy Family in Monterey Park, and now I tell you about my other delicious meal at another Happy Family. I mentioned before that these two restaurants share the same name, but are not the same company.  They might have been at some point, but I am not sure about the details.

My “happy family” went here for Father’s day and feasted on lots of menu items.

First, as always, we got the Hot and Sour Soup ($6.95 – medium).  This is my all time favorite soup and they do it very well.  Never overly spicy, but oh so flavorful.

Happy Family Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and Sour Soup

Another dish we always order is the Sizzling Plate ($10.95), because this is my dad’s favorite dish.  We get it without the “beef,” since we don’t like it as much as the tofu and “chicken.”

Happy Family Sizzling Plate

Sizzling Plate

My sisters like the Cashew Nuts Wheat Gluten Chicken ($8.50) the most.  I also like this dish, only I’m not a fan of the plethora of water chestnuts.

Happy Family Cashew Nuts Wheat Gluten Chicken

Cashew Nuts Wheat Gluten Chicken

My mom and I love the Crispy Shiitake Mushroom with Bean Sprout ($9.95).  These tiny strips of fried shiitake mushrooms are tossed with a wonderful sweet sauce (or as my dad calls it – “red sugar”).  Whatever, dad, I’m an advocate of balancing out the savory with the sweet.

Happy Family Shiitake Mushrooms with Bean Sprouts

Shiitake Mushrooms with Bean Sprouts

My one sister loves soft tofu dishes, so she tried the Szechwan Style Tofu ($7.25).  This dish is slightly spicy, but not too bad.  It’s a great dish if you happen to like soft tofu.

Happy Family Szechwan Style Tofu

Szechwan Style Tofu

And the overall favorite is the Crispy Oyster Mushroom ($9.95).  I got a similar dish at the Happy Family in Monterey Park, but I definitely like this version better.  I think this one has more flavor.  It doesn’t even need a sauce – it’s that good.

Happy Family Crispy Oyster Mushrooms

Crispy Oyster Mushrooms

I am so happy they opened near my hometown.  Now my family has a place to eat that satisfies everyone.  If you aren’t in the Inland Empire, they also have locations in Costa Mesa and Rowland Heights.  Seriously – check them out.

Happy Family – Loma Linda
2150 So. Waterman Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92408

Monday – Friday 11am – 3pm and 5pm – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday 11am – 9pm

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