The Best Refried Beans are at Cuca’s

This post is going to have the most boring food photos ever, but I have to tell you about my favorite place to get a bean burrito.  Cuca’s Mexican Food started in Redlands at a little hole in the wall and have since expanded around the Inland Empire.  They now have seven locations for refried bean enthusiasts like myself.

Some locations are purely take-out.  Others are counter service only.  The location I frequent when I want to sit down and relax while I’m catching up with friends is their full service restaurant in Mentone.  When you sit down, you always get a bowl (or two or three or four…) of freshly fried tortilla chips and some of the best salsa ever!

Cuca's Chips and Salsa

Chips and Salsa

There menu is large and consists mainly of meat and cheese laden items, but there are some vegan options.  The beans, tortilla, veggies, and guacamole are vegan for sure.  Never get the rice, because it is cooked in chicken broth.  I don’t need anything but a nice hot tortilla wrapped around their refried beans.  Sure, I’ll add a bit of that salsa, but really, I could just drink those beans.  If you know anyone from the area, chances are, they are a fan of Cuca’s.  I have waited in line and have heard conversations of people shipping Cuca’s to those unfortunate loved ones living out of state.  Of course they were probably shipping the cruel stuff, but it shows how much people love this place.  Now if only they carried some Daiya, vegan sour cream, and maybe even a little bit of Gardein.

Cuca's Bean Burrito

My boring photo of the most amazing Bean Burrito ever!

Check out their website to see which location is close to you.

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