Yummy Deal at Whole Foods this Weekend!

I hope I have your full attention, because I am about to tell you some terrific news.  There is a special discount on Vegan Chocolate Chip Cremewiches today through Sunday at Whole Foods Market.  This might be all So Cal Whole Foods or only a select number.  I know they have it at the Whole Foods at The District in Tustin and at the location in Laguna Beach.  Call your local Whole Foods to see if they have it.

I just happen to be there today and saw the deal.  It’s not a deal that will save you so much money that it will help pay your student loans, but it’s still something.  Vegans often get overlooked when specials come to town (has anyone ever noticed that most of Whole Foods’ one day sales are of disgusting fish??).  Anyway, this gigantic cookie sandwich is only $3!  They also had a pack of 3 smaller cookie sandwiches for the same price if you want to share with people this weekend.

Whole Foods Chocolate Chip Cremewich

Chocolate Chip Cremewich from Whole Foods

The cookie tasted like a Toll House cookie.  It didn’t hold together well, but still was yummy.  The creamy center was just vanilla frosting, but oh so good!  Look at the size of this thing!

Chocolate Chip Cremewich

Chocolate Chip Cremewich

And while I was in the bakery department, I happened to see this new product:  Whoopie Pies from Cafe Indigo.  This bakery is based out of New Hampshire, so it is something I hadn’t tried previously.  I got a Chocolate Whoopie Pie and a Pumpkin Whoopie Pie.  Each was $2.39.  I almost liked these, but they had a funny flavor.  I looked at the ingredients and nothing stood out as something I’d find weird.  My guess is it’s whatever they used in their “natural flavors.”

Whoopie Pies from Cafe Indigo

Whoopie Pies from Cafe Indigo

And proof that one should never go to the grocery store hungry:  a Chocolate Cupcake made by Whole Foods ($4.99).  I’ve had Whole Foods’ cakes when I’ve travelled, but since I bake cakes all the time when I’m at home, I’ve never had one in So Cal.  The cupcake was pretty large and they say the cake is a chocolate sponge cake.  I don’t remember what animal based sponge cakes tasted like, but this one was the most dense cake I’ve ever eaten!  It reminded me of a processed brownie – like an Entenmann’s brand or something.  I don’t know if this is good or bad:  good, because I used to like foods like this, but bad because I wanted a fluffy cake.  I was also a bit disappointed by the small amount of frosting.  I like a 2:1 ratio of cake to frosting and this one was more like 5:1.

Chocolate Cupcake form Whole Foods

Chocolate Cupcake from Whole Foods

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