Delivery from Kat’s Hot Cakes

Kat’s Hot Cakes may be based in Michigan, but you can order their goodies online and have them sent to you.  I recently had a Sample Pack sent to me and here’s a quick review of what I thought.

Kat's Hot Cakes Sampler


As a baker, I know the difficulties in sending baked goods.  Add frosting to those baked goods, and it is nearly impossible to get those goods to the recipient in tact.  I write this to say that I understand why Kat’s left the frosting on the side.  I was given just one frosting for both cake flavors:  Carob Frosting.  I am not particularly fond of carob, so the frosting didn’t grab me.  I get that the carob frosting would go with the Lick the Plate It’s Carob Cake, but I don’t think it went well with the Oh, Oh Orange Cake.  Again, the carob in the carob cake didn’t grab me, but the orange cake had a nice flavor.  Both cakes were a little dry – which I know will happen when time passes during transit – so I won’t fault Kat on that.  I was a little disappointed that the orange cake didn’t come with the frosting meant for it, though.

The third little cake in the picture is a Ms. Berry’s Molasses Muffin.  I’ll admit that I don’t like molasses a whole lot, but these weren’t overly molasses-y.  It was super moist and full of sweet raisins.

The last was my favorite: Banana Bread.  This was still very moist and perfectly banana-y. It held together beautifully and contained a good amount of walnuts.  If you live far from Michigan, I’d suggest ordering this one – it keeps the best.

Kat's Hot Cakes Sampler

Sampler: (clockwise) Banana Bread, Molasses Muffin, Carob Cake, Orange Cake and a side of Carob Frosting

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